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I’ve moved!  After 2.5 years at It’s All About Me, I’ve decided to change my blog url.  New posts (and of course, a new layout) can be found at Life With My Boys

Update your links and RSS readers if you want to continue to read my oh so exciting posts.  If not, well, I guess that’s ok too!

I’ll probably delete this blog eventually but for now it will stay as is.

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More on books

The library is doing a 50 book challenge, and tonight they had a halfway-point party.  We had some yummy treats, chatted about our favorite books so far this year, and got to take home as many advanced reader copies as we wanted.  So, added to my pile are:

Turning Tables by Heather & Rose MacDowell

Bonk : The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex by Mary Roach

Confessions of a Contractor by Richard Murphy (is it wrong to take a book solely because the author is a hottie?)

The Moon in the Mango Tree by Pamela Binnings Ewen (this was actually reviewed on 5 Minutes for Books last week so I hesitated for about 2 seconds before taking it)

I also picked up The Omnivore’s Dilemma and I Brake For Meltdowns as library checkouts.

I also added a bunch to my to-read list.  They’re also starting a book club, which I’m very excited about.

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On My Nightstand – July

What's On Your Nightstand

5 Minutes for Books is doing a monthly carnival on the what, where and why we’re reading.  I was very excited when I read about this last week and spent over an hour on this post last night.  Here’s the rundown:

On the left is the stack in the living room.  Note the theme – boys.  I’ve flipped through Bringing Up Boys, which I just noticed isn’t in the picture but I’m too lazy to go take another one.  I disagree with a lot of Dobson’s views but he has some decent things to say about differences between boys and girls.  I’m not sure The Explosive Child will be applicable as Alex doesn’t really have a lot of the behaviors described in the book.

On the right is what’s on my nightstand – the pile I’m currently reading or just finished.  World War Z by Max Brooks is ok so far.  I’m hoping it gets better when the actual zombies start showing up.  It’s done documentary-style and we’re still hearing about how the disease spread and I’m kind of bored.  I’m a little disappointed, I had high hopes for this book.  It’s one of the first books I purchased new (as opposed to at FOL sales) in years.   I finished The Angry Child a few weeks ago but haven’t returned it to the library yet. Pretty good book about dealing with a child who can’t control their anger, though I kind of hoped for some better discipline ideas.

Then there’s the pile that has been set aside for a variety of reasons.  I finished A Salty Piece of Land about a month ago but it has not yet made it back to the bookshelf.  I am a Jimmy Buffett fan by marriage and am making my way through his books.

I started reading Lisey’s Story about a year ago while pumping at work for Zach.  I hung up the horns (aka stopped pumping) about halfway through the book and never picked it back up.  It’s actually a library book that doesn’t show up on my account and I really should return it soon.  I guess the fact that I haven’t picked it up in about 9 months should make it easier to do that, but I sort of want to know what happens.  But I also sort of don’t really care.

The Kitchen God’s Wife has been in that pile for over a year, I’d guess.  I picked it up at a FOL sale but never read past the first few pages.  All of Amy Tan’s books seem the same to me.  I really should donate it back to the FOL.  And Thin For Life was given to me by an online friend.  I read about half of it, got pregnant with Zach and decided to throw any weight management out the window for the time being, and never went back to it.

Finally, the book I’m listening to in the car is Wicked : the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire.  I think I’m pretty close to the end (hard to tell on those little MP3 players – I much prefer CDs where I can gauge just where I am in a book) and can’t wait to find out what happens to the witch!  Obviously, I kid.  But I am curious as to how she is portrayed when Dorothy and friends show up.  Wicked has been on my to-read list for a long time, and while skimming the audio titles at the library decided it would be a good one to listen to.

I generally only read one book at a time, if by “read” you mean hold a book in my hand and read the words on the page.  I read before bed just about every night, sometimes a few pages and sometimes I’m forcing myself to stop and turn out the light.   I also always have an audio book in the car, which I listen to on my commute or if I’m running other errands alone.

The only other book I finished this month, besides The Angry Child, is Baby Proof by Emily Giffin which I sucked down in 2 days while in DC last week.  I really liked her first two books (Something Borrowed and Something Blue) and was happy to find this one was excellent as well.  It’s nice to read a book about having a baby where the hero definitely does not want to have a baby and sticks to her guns.  Mostly.  Anyway I won’t give away the ending but I’m definitely putting Giffin’s latest novel on my to-read list.

I have 2 books waiting for me at the library – The omnivore’s dilemma : a natural history of four meals by Michael Pollan, for an online book club.  We have until Sept 1 to read it, which is plenty of time.  I might even put down World War Z for a bit to read this one.  The other one will go on the pile in the living room – I brake for meltdowns : how to handle the most annoying behaviors of your 2-to-5-year-old by Michelle Nicholasen, which I heard about through 5 Minutes for Moms.

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Tooth update

Before we left on Wednesday, I did one last check of Zach’s lower gums and the molars were still not through.  I checked again yesterday and sure enough, he cut both of them while we were gone!  My mom said he didn’t show any signs of teeth coming in, so that’s a relief for them.  He was a bit crabby Wednesday morning so I was a little worried. One feels like it’s been through for a few days but i think the other one only cut yesterday or maybe Saturday.

So he now has 12 teeth – 4 front on top and bottom, and 1 molar in each corner.  Canines are next, I can feel a bump on top.  This child is the slowest teether, I know kids his age who have had a full set for a few months now.

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We’re home now, and I’ll write more about the trip in a bit, but probably not tonight.  Just posting to say my oldest baby is now 5!  He had a great time with Grandma & Grandpa and was very happy to see us.  He went to an indoor playground this afternoon with my niece and had a blast.  We went to dinner with Jon’s family as well and loved having the waiters sing to him.  He got a few of his gifts, from Jon’s family, and stayed up past his bed time helping Daddy put together a new dinosaur race track which is very cool.  I’ll get some pictures tomorrow.

Of course Mommy and Daddy are slackers and haven’t bought anything for him from us, so I’ll run to TRU tomorrow and do that.  I’m sure he won’t mind having his birthday extended a day.  We’re also bringing cupcakes in to his class tomorrow.

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We’ve been having a nice time in DC.  Stupid me brought the wrong cable for the laptop and the battery died.  So I have to use the internet kiosks which are very public and I don’t have much time on them.  Basically I’ve walked a lot, seen monuments, walked some more more, saw Muppets, ate good food, drank a lot of wine, walked again, and am meeting an old friend for lunch in about an hour.  I called my parents this morning and the boys are having a grand time, Alex doesn’t want to go home, he wants to stay there!  Getting him to go home tomorrow is going to be interesting.  Zach’s been taking nice long naps in the afternoon, was not happy to be taken off the swing yesterday and getting along famously with the dog.  We’ll be heading out tomorrow after breakfast and will be home sometime tomorrow night.

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Wii games

I need Wii game recommendations for Alex from my faithful readers…  What games do you have that your kids like to play?  What games have you bought that you regret, either because they lack the skill or it’s not really appropriate?  Alex has become really good at playing Lego Star Wars – he has much better control over the controller than he did even a month ago. I’d like something that will get him off the couch, but it’s not a requirement.

We currently have Lego Star Wars, Spyro (Mommy’s game), Harry Potter, Wii Play, Wii Sports and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.  Lego Star Wars and Spyro are the only games we’ve played of late though.

Beth you have Mario Kart, right?  Do you recommend it?

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