Trips to see the mouse

Thingamababy wants to know the coolest thing your parents ever did.  By far, mine has to be the several trips to Disney World when we were kids.  We went every 3 or 4 years and stayed with my mom’s aunt and uncle, who lived right in Orlando.  Having free lodging, along with breakfast every day and dinner when we weren’t in the theme parks (or theme park, as it was back then) made this trip possible.  We didn’t know how good we had it with those annual road trips, my dad driving the whole 800 miles because he wouldn’t let my mom behind the wheel.  We’d stop in Lumberton, NC for the night, hit the outlets in the morning and arrive at the land of the mouse by mid-afternoon.

I long for those days of riding It’s A Small World at the Magic Kingdom, lounging on the beach at the now-defunct River Country or just hanging out on the enclosed porch at mom’s uncle’s house, inhaling the smell of the orange trees.  Both relatives have long since passed away, but I’ll never forget those trips.  I went to Disney World more times in my childhood than most people go in their lifetimes.


  1. ma2jenna said

    That’s a great memory to have. You were very blessed!

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